Bitcoin: The New Era of Gold?

Bitcoin has commonly been described as ‘digital gold’. This is because Bitcoin shares many of the same characteristics as gold. For example, Bitcoin is scarce, it is durable, it is portable, and it has a decentralized network. However, there are also some key differences between Bitcoin and gold. For one, gold has been used as […]

Retail vs. Institutional Investing

Different types of investors are attracted to investing for different reasons. Two of the most common types are institutional investors and retail investors. So, what exactly is an institutional investor, and what exactly is a retail investor? The two are very different, though many mistake them for the same thing. What Is The Difference? The […]

Grant Cardone Quotes To Build Generational Wealth

Grant Cardone is a popular business owner, real estate investor, and author. His focus is on sales, marketing, and mindset when it comes to business. Here are a few of his quotes to remember when building generational wealth.  “The richest families hold the best assets and they never sell” — Grant Cardone  This quote is […]

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